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Chairman and Sponsor Packages

  •  Publisher Page: $100,000 *
  •  Editor-in-Chief Page: $50,000 *
  •  Bureau Chief Page: $36,000 *
  •  Foreign Desk Editor Page: $25,000 *
  •  News Editor Page: $18,000 *
  •  City Editor Page: $10,000 *

*Contributions of $10,000 or more include respective journal page plus option of up to 10 VIP Benefit Reservations

Editor's Club Packages

  •  Copy Editor Page: $5,000 *
  •  Journalist Page: $2,500 *
  •  Staff Writer Page: $1,000 *

*Contributions of $1,000 or more include respective journal page plus option of up to 4 VIP Reservations

  •  Blogger Half Page: $600

    Includes 2 Benefit Reservations

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